Re: Feature Request- 'Your Groups' menu #suggestion

Michael Pavan

On Jun 25, 2019, at 4:48 PM, Duane <> wrote:

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 03:28 PM, Michael Pavan wrote:
Am I wrong, but I think that dropdown used to show all the groups I was subscribed to, as well as owned.
They should still be there, but may show a different 'name' since it's now using the group Title. For example, beta is now "The Beta Group" and GMF is showing Help Improve the Management of Groups which is the current title. The one for GMF may change, so don't get too used to the new one.

You may need to scroll down if you have more than 14 or 15 groups, especially if there are subgroups.
Yes the names are changed to the full Group Name (2-7 words), rather than the "Group Email Address" names (2-6 letters) - that's okay, but I'd much prefer to have a toggle so I could make it just be the simple shorter acronyms.

On closer inspection, I see that 1 of my 11 groups was also missing, along with The Beta Group, Group_Help, Help Improve the Management of Groups, and Updates - but that was my fault, as I was logged in with one of my alternate Owner email addresses that only Owns 10 of my 11 groups and is not subscribed to the other 4 groups. I guess the forest of words obscured my 'missing' tree. ;-}

Give us the choice to not to have all those words instead of the "Group Email Address" names which tend to be much shorter, if not acronyms.

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