moderated Re: Click all box for moderator permissions #suggestion

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

That sounds to be a rather specific request. What is your list of "moderator permissions" isn't going to be everyone's. That's why there are individual options.

I understand that check-all is not an unusual case for option lists, but based on my experience, I don't think that "all" is going to be used by any significant percentage of groups. If I wanted that, I'd have just made the user a co-owner. In any case, you can ignore this argument if you wish. But I do want to suggest what I think might be a better overall solution.

My suggestion is to instead use another popular option for setting a batch of options. It could be referred to as "Clone User" or "Copy account". In other words, once you have set up one account with all of the permissions that you want, you can select that account for the settings to be copied into another account. If done as a static copy, then you could have the most common settings as the baseline and manually tweak one or more clones as desired.

Another option would be to establish a "baseline" set of permissions for Moderators and use that as the starting point rather than the current list of no permissions.


On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 09:49 PM, Glenn Glazer wrote:
So, all of our moderators are uniform and fully empowered in our groups, so it would be nice if there was a click all box for the list of moderator permissions similar to the click all box next to the text Display Name in the member list.



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