moderated Re: Click all box for moderator permissions #suggestion

Donald Hellen


I believe a moderator with all privileges cannot delete an owner.
That's probably the only difference. An owner can delete another

I guess you could liken a mod with all privileges to a supermoderator
on Yahoo, which is what you have when someone reclaimed a group that
was abandoned by its owner. They wouldn't give full ownership status
because it could be possible that the owner might come back and start
paying attention to what he or she abandoned. Like maybe the owner was
in the hospital for an extended stay and finally got back into their

Of course, Yahoo doesn't do that now as far as we know. Support is
almost non-existent, and personal support may no longer exist. If it
does, it's hidden away somewhere and you need to know a few tricks to
get the help you need.


On Mon, 24 Jun 2019 18:01:45 -0700, "J_Catlady"
<> wrote:

I just double-checked, and it's possible to have a mod with all permissions who's not classified as "owner." So what is the difference - what does an owner have that a mod with all permissions doesn't have?


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