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That information can be helpful in some kinds of groups where members join a group for the wrong reasons (spying)
I would say while it is good to have the ISP and location on the pending application which unless we write down or save this email which most owners do not, it would be more beneficial to an owner to have that ISP show up on the pending application and then also after the member joins on the membership list for reference.

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From: Helen
Date: 6/22/2019 3:46:36 PM
Subject: Re: [beta] Pending subscription message now including location/other info
IP addresses may be available to the host ( in this instance) but not routinely to a user of that host IMO. These are groups, not online shops or banks.
I haven't had to deal with a fake member for years but in such cases I would deal with that person without needing to invade the privacy of the thousands of legitimate members, for whom I have zero interest in whether they really are located where they say they are. But then I'm quite quaint in this modern age in that I am a big fan of online privacy, which is one reason why I don't insist upon people's real names when they join my groups.

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