moderated Re: fix toggling of alpha column-order vs which column ordered by #suggestion



Without some reasonable amount of work, I can't make it so individual
columns remember their settings.
Too bad. I didn't consider the effort it might take. Presumably the effort is because it (the last seen direction of each column) would need to be remembered per-user, perhaps in a cookie?

The problem is that when sorting in a database, sorting most recent
first on a number (ie date) corresponds to sorting from z to a on a
string. I'm sorting the same 'direction' according to the database,
but it looks like the opposite to you.
That I understood.

I don't think it would have been of nearly as much concern if the columns each remembered their "last seen" direction; which is the only reason I tossed that idea into this topic.

I've made the following change on the members page. If it's at least
sufficient for now, I'll propagate it elsewhere. ... Please let me
know what you think.
I think it is fine now. I primarily didn't like having a direction change in one column affect the direction of another.


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