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Agree with Dano. No matter what Mark decides to do, this is not the place to submit that xyz feature is “too much work” for Mark, or “anyway, there’s a workaround,” or “moderators should do their jobs and this is one of them.” Mark himself has said to lay off this kind of talk in beta. Let people make their suggestions and let Mark decide. He is completely capable of deciding what’s too much work for him and what isn’t. 😊

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They're not trying to be another member - in fact this simply needs to see what a basic unspecified member sees.
Rather than asking Mark to find a solution in software, I submit that your description brings us back to the idea of an owner / moderator having an "ordinary" subscription so that the different views can be determined "in house".
There are whole lot of niceties on that were evolved in from the very beginning of beta based on suggestions such as this. Mark has always seemed to want to be the best possible system for running groups, and that includes ease of operation for moderators. So users have offered a lot of their own ideas.

Remember that Mark is the one who will read all the input and make his own judgement on what he considers useful or frivolous. And he may see a possibility that makes things simpler in a different way. We don't make any decisions here on beta. Workarounds are worked out in GMF, but suggestions are offered here. That's what this string has been about - passing along an idea. Yes, there is a workaround for this, just like there's a workaround for a great many functions that have been built into, but this just might make some owners' and moderators' jobs here just a little easier. Not everyone who runs a group is a programmer. Some of us know enough to get through things, but we can see where a simple switch would save a lot of time and perhaps the loss of a thought as we work through the log in/log out process and then reverse it to come back to where we were.



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