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On Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 01:46 PM, Helen wrote:
I am a big fan of online privacy, which is one reason why I don't insist upon people's real names when they join my groups.
You could not possibly be a bigger fan of online privacy than me. :-) I don't even use my own real name in any group, and would never consider doing so, and certainly don't insist on anyone use their real name in my group (in fact, I often suggest that they don't). 

I haven't had to deal with a fake member for years but in such cases I would deal with that person without needing to invade the privacy of the thousands of legitimate members
Without their IP address etc., how would you even know when you had a fake member? FWIW, the member who pulled that stunt in my group was also a member of yours - although I don't know whether she also used her alternative accounts in your group.

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