moderated Re: Pending subscription message now including location/other info


On Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 09:50 AM, Helen wrote:
it should be made clear to applicants that this information is being sent to group mods.
Isn't this standard for many websites? People understand that their browser info and IP address are available when they apply to various things.

I personally don't care about the location or their OS, but I think having their IP address is crucial. We get spammers who pretend not to be spammers by responding to the pending questionnaire with reasonable-sounding answers. Sometimes these are disgruntled former members who've been banned from the group. There was one such former member who took it upon herself to save all the emails of group members and send out a several-page-long email blast to them about the group and how she'd been unfairly banned. She then sent me an email saying she had several other accounts in my group, under other email addresses, and I'd never find her. She proved it by quoting some of the messages that posted after she'd been banned. 

So I would like to know everyone's IP address at a minimum. Since some people have multiple IP addresses, it would be helpful as backup to also have the geographical info available.

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