moderated Re: Controlling rw permissions (files section)


On Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 02:31 PM, D R Stinson wrote:
I too often forget that the members see something different, and I'm not always certain what is different and what is not. I would suggest a prompt on the screen to indicate non-moderator mode when it's turned on.
Sadly it isn't quite that straightforward. Looking first at Files and Photos all moderators see the same thing, but what a member sees depends on whether or not the File or Photo (Album) is one they they themselves created or if it is one created by someone else.
. . . .
This boils down to Moderator View / Member View not being "binary"; there are subtle  variations within Member View meaning that a toggle between the 2 states wouldn't work for the simple reason that there are more than two states.
You're making this much more complicated than it need to be. First, in all cases I'm referring to, I'm the group owner or have all moderator permissions. Let's just simplify it to that. The issue isn't so much what a moderator has permission to do anyway. Moderators run into blocks on their authority if they try to do something they're not supposed to and should understand they have limitations. I'm referring to the owner or anyone the owner tasks with and provides authority for doing certain things. I don't see that this is really much different than any other moderator tool. It lets someone who has done something to a page or post see what the typical members see. They're not trying to be another member - in fact this simply needs to see what a basic unspecified member sees.

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