moderated Re: Controlling rw permissions (files section)

Chris Jones

On Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 02:31 PM, D R Stinson wrote:
I too often forget that the members see something different, and I'm not always certain what is different and what is not. I would suggest a prompt on the screen to indicate non-moderator mode when it's turned on.
Sadly it isn't quite that straightforward. Looking first at Files and Photos all moderators see the same thing, but what a member sees depends on whether or not the File or Photo (Album) is one they they themselves created or if it is one created by someone else. There is a further subdivision within Photo Albums because an album's creator can predetermine whether others can upload to the same album or not. (As an aside a moderator can change that anyway!)

This boils down to Moderator View / Member View not being "binary"; there are subtle  variations within Member View meaning that a toggle between the 2 states wouldn't work for the simple reason that there are more than two states.

Although strictly speaking this is outside the original query, what Moderator "A" sees in any given group may differ from what Moderator "B" sees in the same group. These differences are a function of the the greoup Owner has allocated to each of them as Moderator Permissions; the result is that 2 moderators in the same group trying to sort something out in the absence of the owner (who by definition has every permission, and knows what permissions he gave to each moderator) may struggle if their permissions are different; what each will see, and what each can actually do is not the same. As in the case above a toggle between Moderator View and Member View may not by definition provide a complete picture.

I think a step back from a specific request to Mark might be in order.


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