moderated Re: Web-only group #suggestion

Marv Waschke

Way back, I suggested a "flying lawnmower" analogy. The discussion has ranged so widely, I'm not sure what this is, but I will go back and say that a simple implementation may be useful for some groups. This is what I think has been proposed:
  • An owner/moderator option for an entire group.
  • Owner/moderator would have access to email addresses, but not members would not.
  • Members would have the same options as now: no-email, special only, digest, full email.
  • On the web or in reflected emails, the address of the originator would not appear. Instead a "no-reply" dummy address would be inserted. My guess is that this would not be difficult to implement.
  • No "Private" button on web replies.
  • An official recorded "handle" would not be strictly necessary; members can always put their chosen handle in the body of the message, on the other hand a "Display name" that could be left blank would be okay.
The effect of this implementation would not be a strictly anonymous group since the owner/moderator would know the member's identity, or at least email address, but identities and private access would not be shared among the members. I can see a value for this type of group. The health group example is a good one. However, I have to point out that it is easy to set up a web site, with something like WordPress, that would have these characteristics, so I don't have a crying need for a implementation. But I have no objection either, especially if it brings in a few premium groups.
Best, Marv (his handle)

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