moderated Re: Web-only group #suggestion

Patti Woodbury-Kuvik <desertequinebalance@...>

Behind J Catlady’s suggestion 100%. 
I’ve just spent several days working with others to set up a health-oriented education/discussion/support group only to realize that the email feeds don’t scrub individuals’ email addresses. Otherwise the functionality is exactly what we need.  
If addresses can’t be scrubbed from the email feeds, then a no-email option would work well. Most similar (health) groups are web based only and people often join for short periods of time for information and support then move on - there’s no need for them to have access to everyone else’s address. Many of these users are not sophisticated enough to set up an alternate email or even realize they could be exposed.
As far as display name, an individual can determine how revealing or detached from their identity it is.  I’m sure there are nefarious people out there with nothing better to do than to put screen names into their browser search and match them up with real people - well, many NSA but I don’t think they’ll bother with my group.  But I seem to be hearing “anonymity” and “privacy” being thought of as one and the same here. While “privacy” is often/usually a subset of security “anonymity” is not.

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