moderated Re: Reply Audience Confusion


Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the question.  There are two things related to the suggestion of considering a "without notification" option for both delete and reject.  On the tracking piece, we're finding that we use reject when some type of group rule or norm has been violated, typically on content or tone or whatever.  Alternatively, we'll use delete if a more administrative or technical issues, such as when the commenter mistakenly replies to the group when they intended to reply to an individual commenter.  Separate and related to that, allowing for auto-notification or no-notification (different from whether an owner/mod chooses to write a reply message), seems like it would just be more compressive in allowing group leaders to handle the full gamut of possible situations most effectively and efficiently.

Finally, aside from allowing that choice for both reject and delete, I do think better if the default top fields on emails sent to group members were more literal, descriptive and consistent with what most are familiar with from normal email.  That was my #1 below in the original post.


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