moderated Reply Audience Confusion


As I'd imagine true for many groups here, our group has subscribers with widely varying levels of tech savvy and background.  We made the decision early to moderate less to prevent inappropriate or divisive posts and more to prevent mistaken posts intended for an individual commenter versus the entire group.

I've realized that some of our members who don't use the website are confused about how to post and reply despite our writing guidelines and messaging with the basics.  I think some of this confusion may be lessened with changes to the layout of the template for subscribers with "individual emails" and "daily summary" delivery preferences.

More specifically, the way such members get their comments made to the group via email has two fields at the top labeled "To:" and "Reply-to:".  Since not in the typical email format of "From" and "To", some of our members just reply to the email, using whatever email client, without realizing they are replying the entire group (whose address is in both of those fields at top).  Though clear at the bottom of an email sent by the group (per the attached screenshot) to reply to an individual commenter or to the group, many of our members never look down there, hit reply and then we have to email them to explain and hopefully educate.

Can this be made more intuitive?  Specific suggestions would include:

1.  Including more clearly labeled "reply to individual commenter" and "reply to entire group" at the top of a group-sent email
2.  Making the default for a generic reply to the individual commenter rather than to the group email address

Maybe some of this is something I can set within settings or elsewhere?

Thank you!

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