moderated Re: Group home page redesign


On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 10:52 AM, D R Stinson wrote:
It never occurred to me that owners and moderators can't see the same home page as others when they are logged in. Indeed, that does seem to disappear for the group I deleted all the hashtags from, after I sign out of
Now *I* am confused. I was referring to the hashtag section disappearing when all hashtags are removed, in the *new* design. I didn't realize this was already the case in the current design, nor did I think non-members could see any hashtags at all. Are you sure your non-member view doesn't see hashtags on the home page simply because non-members don't see them anyway?

I can't confirm that detail, J. The group has had all the hashtags removed, but I don't have a group membership that isn't an owner or moderator.


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