moderated Re: Group home page redesign


I am totally in favor of redesigning the group home page. I think the fact that most of us here agreed that the default start page for a group member to land on ought to be the messages page (see past topics) is a clear indication that the home page has been stagnating and its potential not explored and overlooked.

I like that the redesign is trying to be helpful to new members - new users and give them an overview of the group activity and areas, and from there you should be able to then decide what section of the group to navigate to. For those groups with subgroups and where members may be in a few subgroups, an overview is even more important. I'd agree that a more dynamic, less static home page is better. Also, we really need to deal with the fact that so many users access via mobile devices on small screens, so to have a home page that is all text is a bad idea and doesn't remotely look modern. Even media and newspapers break it up with white space and different elements.

The page just needs some design tweaks so that it feels more balanced in terms of visual elements.
But it's in the right direction.
Much better.


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