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Steph Mathews

Good morning.
In my honest opinion you should get rid of the calendar hashtags altogether.
If I need to do a whole new message but just let me know.
I've also noticed that on my events in the calendar in my groups except for 1, it says upcoming event before it even the ones that post as the event happens.  Steph 

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Date: 06/13/19 23:47:46
Subject: [beta] Rethinking the #cal- hashtags
Hi All,

I'm pondering a couple things about the calendar hashtags and would like your input.

First, here is a list of the hashtags used by the calendar, and what messages they correspond to:

#cal-invite - when an event is created or updated, the message contains an .ics attachment
#cal-notice - when an event happens
#cal-reminder - reminder of an upcoming event
#cal-summary - weekly/monthly summary of upcoming events

It's weird when I set up a #downtime notice using the calendar, like I just did, and it sends out a message tagged #cal-invite. I'm not inviting you to the downtime (Hey, downtime slumber party!). It feels like something like #cal-event would be better in that situation. Would it be better in every situation? Should I rename #cal-invite to #cal-event, or maybe something else?

Also, in the various hashtag displays, like the new Hashtags dropdown filter on Messages, it feels weird to show all these #cal hashtags. It feels redundant and confusing. What if there was a way to 'collapse' these related hashtags in those displays? Like create collections of hashtags; select the collection and all messages from all those hashtags would be displayed? This would not affect muting/following hashtags in any way. 

If we go with collections, I was thinking how to make it as easy as possible. My first thought was to use the dash that these hashtags have. All hashtags that begin with the same prefix before a dash would be considered part of the same collection (in this case, the #cal collection). But then I looked and we have ~3900 non-cal-based hashtags in the system that have dashes. So I don't think a dash would be a good delimiter. We could go with a character not currently used for hashtags, like a slash ( / ). So, the cal hashtags would be #cal/event, #cal/notice, #cal/reminder, #cal/summary. You could end up with entire hierarchies of hashtags, although to what end I do not know. How do you like the 'look' of hashtags with slashes in them?

Finally, if we go with collections, do we stick with #cal as the prefix? 

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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