moderated Re: Group home page redesign

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/06/14 12:27 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

The goal is bring more information to the group home page and make it more dynamic.
The problem is that different types of information are relevant to different types of users. I think the home page is likely to be visited by newly subscribed users and users who consider subscribing. Older users will more likely bookmark the threads page or want to go do it directly after they've seen the home page. Only in very few cases would users need to see information like "top hashtags", "group information" and "group settings".

So, I think you should design the home page so that the entire portion below the group image is reserved for whichever way the owner wants the home page to look, followed by a few collapsed sections (which can expand if the user clicks on it). Sections like "top hashtags" and "group settings" should be collapsed by default.

I think it's a bad idea to start with the most important and likely most wanted information *collapsed*. I know some people thing it's fancy to start things collapsed and expect users to click to expand it, but collapsing by default should be reserved for things that are less important -- not for things that are *more* important.

The only users who will enjoy a page with lots of collapsed content, are mobile users, for whom having to tap on various elements of a page makes the page seem "dynamic" (i.e. less boring).

The home page is the URL that you tell people about when you want them to visit your group and consider joining it. What elements are expanded or collapsed should be based on that consideration.



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