moderated Re: Feature Request - Excluding selected few members and their posts, files and photos


On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 09:10 AM, Prasad wrote:


Can you add a feature where a Yahoo Group owner gives a list of members who have declared their opposition to the move to GIO and therefore, they are excluded from the transfer including all their identifiable data such as their email addresses, posts, files, photos, etc.?

I have just added this. When setting up or editing a yahoo transfer, you can now specify a list of email addresses to exclude, one per line.

For each of these people, we exclude all files, photos, databases and messages owned by them. Also, any photo albums or file folders owned by them are completely skipped.

We do our best, but for some very old messages, we don't have the full email address of the sender (you can blame me for that back in the ONElist days). So we might transfer messages that we shouldn't, in that case.


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