moderated Re: "Show quoted text" box is great, now pushing my luck with further suggestion



I finally got a chance to test this. You did exactly what you said you did, namely: when there is a reply via email, the signature now appears when viewing the reply in the archives, rather than being swept into the quoted test.

However, my request was more general and not qualified by the phrase "when viewing messages in the archives." :) When viewing a reply in email, the sig is still put at the very bottom, below all the quoted text, and is therefore not really seen in general, or is hard to see.

I was hoping that for display purposes, either in the email OR the archive message, the signature would appear directly below the message body. In essence, it would be treated as part of the message body, at least for display purposes. (I realize it needs to be treated differently for other purposes, e.g., search.)

When someone composes a message, the auto-sig seems to be just a convenience in that it appears at the bottom of the message body and can still be modified while composing the message. It *is*, at least in that sense, part of the message body.

But I'm probably just getting greedy as usual. :)

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