moderated Re: Ability to #transfer Yahoo post #attachments please?!

Jim Wilson

Bob, I should have been more clear. I meant, "what will it cost over-and-above the Premium package price?"

I am a Network Administrator by trade and, as a result, am also very familiar with database capabilities and technology. I quickly built a fairly powerful D-Series desktop on my personal Azure account, installed PG Offline and proceeded to download all 91,336 messages and 350 MB of files from my Yahoo group in less than 6 hours without any scary lockouts I was told would certainly occur. So, I now know for a fact that it is possible to download the Attachments because I'm looking at them on my desktop.

What I don't understand is why this hasn't already been available for many years as part of the transfer process, especially when attachments are built into messaging here. It doesn't make sense from a future business standpoint, either, when very serious maintenance issues at Yahoo are becoming painfully obvious and indicate Groups won't be around much longer. I will not be the only one asking for this when Yahoo decides to pull the plug.

So, to clarify, I would be willing to pay a reasonable hourly rate for an appropriate person within the Groups.IO organization to do the necessary database work in lieu of a standard procedure.

We want to move here because we know GIO's historical ties to eGroups and Yahoo, employing a similar UX, is well-maintained and supported.

If no one will help us, we will be forced to use phpBB or some other package to accomplish what we need and Groups.IO will not have us as a customer.

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