moderated Mobile App (especially for Andrioid)

Sreenadh OG

  Is there a mobile app for
  About Myself: I had a yahoo group of 3000+ members from 2005 to 2013. With Yahoo Groups unfriendly modifications, I left yahoo groups and tried hosting a phorum forum on my website, but was unsatisfied with the results. Then migrated to FB Groups and has a group with 18,000+ members now . But to be frank, I dislike FB Groups, and want to quite FB. I loved the good old yahoo groups a lot and now with I realize that it gives almost the same and more functionalities. But may be FB is more mobile friendly and this is an era when people are more into mobiles than PC. Most of my FB group users too access my FB group from mobile and not from PC. So if had a mobile app version, it would have been great. I know that is a responsive site and can be accessed from mobile as well. But the experience is not good enough, and may be a dedicated mobile app (especially for android) to access from mobile would be a great value addition.
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Sreenadh OG 

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