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On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 08:58 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
CHANGE: Groups can now have multiple active welcome messages.

I tested this and I think it's a great addition. All the active welcome messages are automatically sent to new members, which means you can now send a traditional welcome message (e.g., "welcome to the Shakespeare sonnets group"), along with another separate one containing deeper content (e.g., examples of some sonnets and their analysis), etc. 

Taking advantage, as usual, of the opportunity to ask for more, I am suggesting again that at some point in time, the member notices triggered by actions under moderator control (e.g., message rejection, member removal) can be chosen at the time of the action - instead, as currently, of having to choose, before doing the individual action, which "active" one will go out automatically and then having to go back and reset, etc. (I bring this up because that's what I at first thought this welcome-message change consisted of.)


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