moderated Re: Paid vs free policy- request


On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 11:08 PM, Ken Kloeber wrote:
Can someone, please, enumerate, logically, only those things that Mark can do that meets his two stated desires? 

1- Fix the link to Indivisible so that it redirects properly to Indivisible :)
In all of this - no one noticed that actually that link is broken. ( the www. needs to be removed)

2- Move : "Is your group associated with Indivisible? Please contact support, and we will upgrade your group to Premium for free. " to the FAQ section under the "Are There Non-Profit Discounts?". Add a "Are their complimentary upgrades or discounts available for other types of organizations/groups?" - and provide an answer that perhaps could include the above sentence re: indivisible (and others eligible) - or a link to a for Good / Values page* which lists either specific organizations/NGO's/grassroots advocacy groups - etc - that are eligible to apply for a waiver of the upgrade free - or general criteria.

3 - Add a section in FAQ re: what groups does not take on as clients/permit - and a link to community standards.

If a "Values" page is created, use it to express the ways in which hopes to make the world a better place. Be it through highlighting examples of public groups (or groups that give permission to be included) that it hosts that are doing good, or causes it supports via free upgrades - or eventually causes it's employees support through employer/ employee matching donations etc.

in similar manner as examples I previously listed.

None of this hides what supports - it's just not the headline for the pricing page, which I agree is not the best spot for it.
It allows room for Mark / to grow in their efforts to do good
It creates even more transparency
It will also communicate effectively to orgs dedicated to doing good that this is a place that won't exploit their good work by: sucking out data from them, by using their member's data to target ads to them  - and that the business model here is so straight forward, it's the ideal place or home for those trying to do good work.


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