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- The fact that we are having this debate because two - yes two -
members of a current Yahoo group ...
What difference does it make how many members have spoken up (so far)? In any (U.S. based) apolitical group there are potentially quite a few members (approximating half) that may oppose Indivisible's politics, but are unaware of or not willing to speak up about's support for it.

Note that the group owner also stated (of one of those members) that "there are a huge number of posts that he started and also his replies to posts made by other members. Do we need to delete each and every such post that has any reference to him? That would be a herculean task and even if it is done, it would make us lose a big lot of useful archive data."

So we're not just talking about a couple of lurkers here. In at least one case we're talking about the loss of substantial content from the group.

That said, the group owner has apparently resigned himself to that loss, if can provide a practical means for him to transfer without that member's content. But right now, he's stuck.

There are companies who show their support for causes through
That's a false comparison to this topic: "causes" are wholly a different thing (to me, if not to those members). Did any of those companies or organizations you cite advocate for or against any specific candidates? That's the partisan issue I'm discussing.

... have some kind of delusion and distorted perception that revenue
from premium groups is used to “finance the promotion of the left-wing
political view”.
In what way is that even a stretch, much less delusional? Revenue from Premium Groups finances, and subsidizes the support of at least one partisan organization (Indivisible). That's not too many dots to follow.

and make sure you don't serve Ben & Jerry's then at your next in
person meeting, cause that might not go down well either.
The situation for the owner of an apolitical group is far more difficult that choosing which brand of ice-cream to serve. That choice is of little lasting consequence. Staying with a failing communications platform, or being forced to leave an excellent one, has potentially serious consequences. At the least is wastes a great deal of time, something that is precious to most of us.


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