moderated Re: Paid vs free policy- request



Is the issue more that a group that perhaps not all of your members
like is mentioned on the pricing page, ...
Yes. The issue is both the nature of the organization (partisan political agenda) and it being subsidized by as a service.

or is it that I would support that group at all ...
No, your money is your money.

I've tried to be extremely clear that my objection has nothing to do with the particular agenda, but with the fact that it is a divisive agenda. I believe that divisiveness is potentially harmful to every apolitical group that uses, or that might want to move here, and is therefore bad for as a business.

(myself and being basically the same thing)?
I disagree on pragmatic grounds that you should treat as basically the same thing as yourself. If the service is to outlast your active interest in running it, if it is intended to be a viable business in its own right, the two cannot remain fungible. To misquote a recent obsession, "Kill the toy, let the corporation be born."

I certainly don't want to make group owners' lives more difficult. But
I also have my beliefs and would like to support things I
believe are good. What changes would you propose?
My preference: choose organizations that do good, rather than organizations that divide our members along partisan lines.

If you really want to have directly make in-kind donations to politically partisan organizations I'm not sure what to suggest. I appreciate your openness on this subject, but I don't know how to reconcile that with an apolitical group's need for a service that is feels welcoming to all of its members.

Also, I'm a bit surprised no one has mentioned the list of group
subjects I explicitly don't allow (like anti-vaxxers, alt-right,
conspiracy theories, etc). I guess I'm not clear how the two wouldn't
raise the same concerns.
I think in part that J's right for the current instance: it hasn't been noticed. The only place I know of where that is listed is on the Create A Group page - a page my group members are unlikely to visit. To the extent that list offends anyone (and I'm not implying that it does or should) such a person would likely just close the page and look for another service.

But the other part of it is that excluding certain kinds of advocacy groups from your service is, I think, qualitatively different than having what is effectively a partisan declaration on your pricing page. The former does not drive a wedge between the members of apolitical groups, the latter does.


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