moderated Re: Paid vs free policy- request


Ok I get the point.  Don’t pike on meaningless “me too, three” posts if it’s a software feature, but do so if it’s discussing a policy.  Ya. Really?

Yes, that characterization of the political group is true and it holds true no matter the leaning (left right or up or down.) Mark just “happened” to pick that one and that’s the reason I pointed out the fallacy in some of the replies. If the support was for MAGA, the same would hold true.  It’s not a political statement about their goals (end results) and not implied to be (which btw I happen to lean toward — in this recent “climate change” at least.)  Maybe that’s a hint about the request for “neutrality vs an agenda,” (and not a hidden agenda on my part?)

I believe he should rather support Labs (Yellow? Chocolate? Golden? it’s difficult to decide.). But then again as both a feline and Papillon lover moving to Lab support it’s a hard row to hoe. 😎


BTW, I do care what your leanings are, and everyone’s as well. It would be much more worthwhile to know those of all Americans and not of the paid pundits who are paid by the networks in order  to foster division and raise ratings, instead of doing the harder work to present facts. 

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