moderated Re: Paid vs free policy- request

Michael Pavan

Many people support causes they believe in, and many company owners do so through their company. In Mark's case the easiest and probably most effective way for him to do that is by offering a discount in a clearly defined way. I see it as no different than anybody else making a monetary donation in an open, non-secret manner.

The complaint seems to be that the way Mark is doing so is not PC. Since such support is not inappropriate, the suggestion is essentially that the wording should be:
"Apply for a discount if you believe your cause is worthy"
This not only makes what causes are supported a secret, but would also create a lot of extra work to have to field and reject/ignore many inquiries.

Besides the 'cat already being out of the bag', I see no good reason to cloak political support with secrecy - there is too much of that already. Not to mention it would make it harder for anyone know who wants to not use good service.

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