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andy t

I personally would like to see a rule that the original owner that started the group on can’t be removed by any co-owner because there are some power hungry people out there that want to destroy a group for no reason at all.

I had a group stolen from me and I started the group over here with the permission of the original owner of the yahoo group and I am not naming any names on here and after 2 years over here I was removed as an owner even though I started the group over here.

I was trying to be fair when we moved and I made him a co-owner and I was removed from the group and then he closed the group for no reason.

I don’t think this was right or fair.

I know some of you will say I shouldn’t have made him an owner but I was trying to treat him with respect but I originally started the group over here and that should count for something.

He was going to close the yahoo group and I ask him if I could take it over and he gladly said yes and I got shafted for trying to do the right thing.

That is why I think something could be dun to protect the original owner.

Thanks for reading this.

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What about group owners having " living wills"? I don't see any other way around the situation where an owner *legitimately* goes missing or gets hit by the proverbial truck. Group owners could, optionally, set up directives about what to do if and when situations occur that include others claiming they've gone missing (whether valid or not).

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