moderated Re: Need help figuring out a policy on this

Chris Jones

On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 01:17 PM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
I believe it is generally be in your best interest to avoid inserting yourself into a problem.
Mark; I think Bruce may have a good point there. Perhaps it depends on the scale of the problem; you will have a clearer view based on the traffic incoming to "support" than the members of beta or the GMF can have. Internal managerial disputes in any given group are likely to have all sorts of subtle nuances embedded in them, and trying to formulate a software solution might cause further complications; there is no merit in the solution to a problem being numerous other problems.

I can see the attractions of the "Founder" idea, but in reality in any given spat it might actually be the Founder that is "wrong" so having that status might not provide an effective solution. Formulating a workable policy might be the sort of thing that the UK Civil Service would consign to the Too Difficult tray, with good reason.

To (perhaps mis)quote a well - known one - time UK TV sitcom series satirising UK politics It is our policy not to have a policy on this matter.


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