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On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 04:40 AM, Shal Farley wrote: is a product of global scope, and one presumably striving to be a reliable long-term service. In that light, I think that placing an advertisement for an organization based in topical U.S. partisan politics on an official (and prominent) page of the service is, at best, counterproductive.

(I realize that you're advertising to that group, not for that group, but in this context I think that is a distinction without a difference.)
I understand Shal's point, but have a different reaction - and a partially European perspective FWIW.

The giants of social media ( despite all the damage they have done and continue to do to privacy and democracy) - seem to have very clear approaches (now) to content that they will no longer support ( anti-vaccine groups / alt-right and any organized hate groups/people) - they either remove ads from their accounts so no one can make money off of content like that ( youtube) or change the coding so that groups like that don't get suggested to other people, and other strategies to not help them thrive - before they get kicked off. That's their prerogative. And there are plenty of alternative sites that folks engaged in organized hate etc can and do go to. Mostly start-ups. ( unlike youtube/twitter/facebook/instagram) doesn't make money from advertising or data tracking. The business model here is straight forward and transparent.
Groups on are clients of provides a service.

If wants to offer that service, or upgrades to that service to organizations that fit a certain category - so be it.
It's totally within the parameters of what other businesses do ( see non-profit rates etc).

I would think this is a good opportunity to focus on what kinds of groups wants to provide free upgrades to - and those it doesn't. As well as those it simply doesn't want to take on as clients.

Because lets be clear - all other platforms have made that choice - whether it's by tweaking algorithms, banning, or inviting.

So, rather than specifically offer a free upgrade to only Indivisible ( which i think started in 2017 shortly after the election in the USA and shortly after the world realized how their use of facebook had actually provided data to 3rd parties) - I'd suggest crafting a clear policy for non-profits, NGO's, causes, Humanitarian orgs, or organizations that combat hate and discrimination - there may be Mark Fletcher "scholarships" for here on  Since it's a company of global reach, I'd urge Mark to think bigger, and by all means dedicate his personal support - through his company - to the causes he feels he wants to help.

So, you can separate it and call it the Cats of Fund, Or the MF Fund for a kinder world - or whatever you want - but I'd urge you to go with your heart and facilitate - with your personal stamp - help to those orgs you feel will make the world a better place.


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