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Mark -
This isn't completely clear if it happened before the transfer to or not, and that could be very germane to the decision. If this happened before transfer to, it would seem to be moot because Mr Y would be the new group creator. If this is something that happened after the creation of the group, I would say that Mr X might have a legitimate beef.
One idea might be to poll the group members individually to solicit their candid and private input into the situation and give their comments to an independent judge or adjudication panel on the situation. Since it would seem that the members provide most of the content for the group, they would be closest to the day-to-day activity of the group, and might show a consensus of what would be best for the group.
As the owner of two groups that did change ownership, I can see some of the possible situations. I like the idea of a founder not being able to be eliminated or have their authorities removed without their voluntary action to do so or through some adjudication by In essence creating a founder badge for one owner that couldn't be removed, only voluntarily surrendered or passed down upon the founder's leaving the group.
The larger group I took over was a voluntary transfer where the owner was going to delete the group if I didn't take it, and immediately after promoting me to owner, the original owner removed himself as an owner. At that point I would say he transferred the 'founder' badge to me. I added another group owner, in case something happened to me, but I would still retain the founder status.
The smaller group was a case of an owner disappearing for well over a year. As the only moderator ever appointed by the owner, I had to petition Y! for additional authority. Y! made me a moderator with all authorities except group deletion, but they never did eliminate the owner. I took over the 'Owner' title when I created the new group on, and transferred everything over. That Y! group owner is technically an inactive member of the new group, but we haven't seen anything from him for perhaps a decade. Yet he is still the owner of the Y! group.
Without knowing additional details it's hard to add anything that would work universally. And of course, every situation is going to have it's unique circumstances, which means the decision process needs to maintain a lot of flexibility.
I wish you much luck in this situation, Mark.

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4+ years in, and I've avoided anything like this so far, but I need help crafting a policy for the following scenario. It involves a Yahoo Group that was transferred. The Y!Group has been deleted, and I don't have the original transfer records anymore. This anonymized email lays things out:

I'm writing to inform you that I understand that Mr X was removed as list moderator by Mr Y.
Mr X was the original owner of the list, and now Mr Y has removed Mr X as a list member.
I was removed some months back for [REDACTED and not important]. I don't fully understand how Mr Y stole the list from Mr X, probably because Mr Y was assisting with moderating. I have known Mr X for nearly twenty years and I know him to be a fair and honest person.

I need a policy for how to handle a supposed group hijacking. Also, suggestions for features to make this more difficult in the future would be appreciated.


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