moderated Re: Paid vs free policy- request



I didn't find anything paradoxical or zenish about your statements -- succinct and logical.  
I would appreciate a further discussion of the appropriateness of ANY discrimination left/right/up/down.  To ass/u/me that I lean one way or the other based on a disagreement about a discriminatory policy is, well, assinine. 

And TY for not (falsely) equating a discovery/observation/request, to some inane thought that one doesn't appreciate Mark's hard work, nor doesn't wish io the greatest success going forward.  THANK YOU, Mark.  Passion about something means one cares deeply about its success.  When one DOESN'T care where something is headed, is when one doesn't give a crap about its success.  Don't confuse those two -- for the sake of expediency in beating down a request for neutrality.  We can agree or disagree with policies without either kissing @ss or being disagreeable, and to ass/u/me that I wish io some kind of failure is, well, just assinine on its face.

And if all REALLY want to encourage political openness, then don't discriminate -- encourage open meaningful and honest discussion on both sides and not discriminate. Prefer plain old neutrality in this biosphere, there's too much division (and Indivisible does not promote unity, it promotes defeat by garnering greater numbers, which leads to more division and gridlock.)

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