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Amen on both counts, and well-said!

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For whatever it's worth, I'd love to add one factual comment and one opinion I'm qualified to share.

First the latter; my opinion.  We moved our group from Yahoo to a few months ago for one simple reason.  That being that Yahoo Groups have been in decline for years, aren't getting the attention of the parent company given what must be assumed is corporate apathy and other priorities.  After doing a fair bit of research on alternative options, we chose believing it the best-of-breed solution available.  Started with a free pilot and moved to premium maybe a month in.  Everything we've experienced in these first few months supports our belief that we made a great decision migrating here. is a uniquely effective, well-built and well-managed platform.  Mark needs to know that some number (presumably most or nearly all?) of us feel this way and are super appreciative of what he has built that enables great connectivity and community.

And the factual bit.  On the concern raised, I'd just note that there are a great many Fortune 500, and smaller, companies that take all kinds of positions on a great many issues beyond their own business or market foci.  Some decide to locate facilities in certain markets or pull out of certain markets due to concerns not informed by the usual business analyses. Some issue statements for public consumption to influence or participate in causes they consider important. This is all clearly protected by the 1st Amendment and, more to the point as most surely realize, for-profit companies do this all the time embracing whatever point of view out of concern or belief.  At the same time, of course also true that any prospective or actual customer can choose to buy or not buy from any provider of anything and for any reason.

Thank you, Mark. And, thanks to all of you who help manage and support this forum. Beyond the web and keyboards, matters quite a lot and that importance and relevance will only grow with time.  Personally, I hope becomes as big and successful as the founder and owner wishes it to be.  


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