moderated Re: Feature Requests

John Russell

The last request seems clear to me - Automatic notification to owners and moderators when files, photos are uploaded would be very helpful in order to avoid unfitting or misleading uploads. This should be an optional feature to be chosen in “notifications”.

This is quite different to the current feature which allows members to choose to send a message to all members of the group on each upload.

The problem with automatic emails generated to the owner/moderator on uploading is that this could be a lot of emails if one member uploads many files or photos. A more important issue is that if they should not have been uploaded (because they break the policy of the group for such uploads), then the horse has already left the stable. Later deletion of the file or photo after the members have been notified by email of the uploaded file or photo is too late.

I would prefer to have an optional feature (default value off, to preserve the current situation) to apply moderation to uploads of files and/or photos. This would then queue the uploads and allow owners or moderators to decline or allow them, with or without messages to the original poster (just like moderating messages). In addition to applying moderation, would be the option to generate an email so that the owner/moderator is informed of the file or photo waiting in the moderation queue (default off to preserve the current situation).


John Russell

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