moderated Re: New feature: donations

Marv Waschke

I don't think any of my groups are likely to use a donations service, but I think about it like this: every service is paid for in some way. Free Google services are paid for by scanning searches and contents in order to charge for targeted ads. Facebook is paid for in a similar way. These methods of payment are rather secretive. Not everyone even realizes how they pay for Google, Facebook, and a host of other "free" services. Even fewer have any idea to whom data on their habits are sold and how much it is sold for. I prefer visible payments: I want to know what is sold, to whom, and for how much. With most "free" services, the business is hazy, to say the least. keeps its business transparent: fees for premium service and now a percentage on donation services. A transparent model that I like that very much.

Is 20% high? I don't know because I am not sure what other similar services do in addition to taking a percentage. I am more concerned that Mark may not be charging enough because I like and don't want it to dry up and blow away for lack of funding.
Best, Marv

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