moderated Re: New feature: donations

Holly <holly@...>

Is it amazing if Mark wants to help fund this service using Stripe (never heard of that before his post) many of us enjoy for free? And, compared to any of the 3 list services and 1 majordomo experience I've had over the last 25 years, not to mention running various lists as simply email I managed and sent out by hand, I'm personally blown away by Mark's dedication and service.

I'm not at this point in a position or need to upgrade to Premium, but I would in a heartbeat if I could. Yeah, I know, everyone using a free service says that - I should put my money where my mouth is. But my list is small (under 100) and I can't see asking for the members to donate enough to cover the cost of going Premium so it would be all out of my pocket, and that pocket isn't very deep.

Way to go, Mark! I can't believe your dedication to the functionality of Thank you!


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