moderated Re: Database instructions - wishlist


This is what we've included:
"This is where Members add or update their info - some cells are required and in others it is up to the individual to decide.
To sort a column, just click its heading - magic, or what?!
To scroll across the page, select any cell and use the cursor keys to move to more cells.  Tablet users can just swipe!
New Members:
  • With the table open, to add your details, click the GREEN 'Add Row' button towards the bottom of the list.  When complete don't forget to click the Save Row button!
Existing Members:
  • To update your entry, enter your name into the search box (upper right).  A single line with some of your details will appear.  If there are some ‘??’s in some sections, select Edit, please delete them and insert the appropriate information, when finished, click the Update button.
  • If you find that you have duplicate entries, tick the box adjoining the row you don't want to keep and press the Delete Row button, then click the Update button."
To date, it seems to have worked(!) and you're welcome to copy it if you wish.


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