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I wasn't talking about tubes not being able to be saved from the message area of the group.
I was talking about PNG, GIFS and JPEG's
Unless they are attached and you save from the attachment, they do not get the name that the graphic was assigned. It is replaced by a number.
Now those images might be named correctly because I showed them as attachments.
But when it was saved from the body of the email it was assigned the #0 as it's name.
I didn't rename it to prove a point. That is how it turned out when I saved it from the message area
The only way to show this is to embed the images and not attach them.
   These have the name 0 when saved from the message area
   This has 0 (1) when it was saved from the same email
     This one's name became 2  and this one was 3 
They lose their real name.
Tubes are Paint Shop Pro images and cannot be used in email.
They have to be attached.

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From: dave w
Date: 04/30/19 21:28:41
Subject: Re: [beta] Saving graphics from Messge area
I'm left wondering why this has not been answered for two weeks?
So I shall add my 30 years understanding and see if that assists.
regards davew

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 08:44 AM, Leeni wrote:
Why the messages are no use as it stands right now to graphic type groups?
Disagree. Don't find this at all.

 (Maybe this is a bug)
I don't believe so. Refer below>>>>

When a graphic or Paint Shop Pro tube is sent in a message and then it is saved by email, the name of the tube or graphic is associated with the tube.

A valid graphic file, if not mutilated or distorted should be visible.
Never heard of 'tubes'- don't use Windows or work in that environment any longer.

On looking it up I find 'tubes' is a proprietory format used by  Paint Shop Pro. Ergo, it is not an 'internet' STANDARD format of graphic. Problem solved.

Zip the files and instruct users to download an unzip using that programme in order to see/ use.
That is the problem- expecting non-standard formats to appear?
"File used by PaintShop Pro, a graphics editing program; contains graphics that can be painted..."

As to naming- that I see as solely the posters responsibility.
I see many (automated-professional) systems that indeed use natural language for technical subjects (photo histories etc.) while others provide no attempt at naming conventions at all.

Similarly the average user, will reply and attach something from their collection- unknown why (as it has never happened to me using my Macbook) which will result in 0-1-2-3- etc as you say.

My Solution: If I have to save that photo or graphic and the subject material is not extremely obvious, then I always copy some plate text from its container page/ message first then Save As and add my own title.

Note: TIF/ TIFF are a Graphic Standard format used by archivists and collections everywhere, but do not display within web browsers. Therefore they have to be downloaded to obtain satisfaction. Good people add a similar jpg/jpeg to show the article in question, but it will be at a much reduced resolution.

Example attachment #1 Fresh Bread PNG Clip art 26751
When the same tube is saved from the message area it is given a number like 0, 0(1), etc. So when members go to save these graphics from the message area, they do not have the name of the image.   
Not so when I just tested your graphic. The first was named naturally correctly.
Example #2 calls the image 0 
Yes it did. But did you name it or omit a name to prove a point?

They can't even saved correctly. Now if you were to save the images from the message area for all of the messages you would get multiple images named 0, some with 0 (1), some with 0 (2) if they were all in the same message. Now you go to another message and save the 1 graphic there you would get 0 all over again.
See answer above.

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