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This is an issue I’ve brought up several times: there is strange logic (or possible no logic) surrounding which notices can be chosen at the time of the action vs which are chosen as “active” and are sent without real-time choice. I’ve previously suggested that all notices for actions under moderator control (which excludes only “leave group,” “joined”  in unrestricted groups, etc.) should have a drop down available at the time of the action. Currently, for example, removing someone from a group, or rejecting a subscription, requires mods to determine which (if any) notice is marked “active”, then (usually) move the “active” designation to the notice they want to use for the particular case, then (often) move it back to what it was. This makes no sense to me and I think only actions with no moderator real-time control should use “active” thd wsy it’s currently used. 

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I agree with Bruce and noticed the same as I was getting my group setup for launch last week.  Hopefully adding on (versus being a non-sequitur) to that point with this but I'd like to suggest some basic logic be coded in to allow situationally-specific member notices.

As an example, I realized early (after getting help on the GMF group) that you can only have one notice "active" at a time else any new member will get more than one email upon joining (assuming you have 2 or more notices and at least 2 are marked "active").  Ideally, I'd have loved to haven been able to "if/then" those notices.  I.e., a new member who'd been directly added would receive a notice starting:

"Hello and welcome!  You've been added to the XYZ listserv..."

Versus a new member approved via their request:

"Hello and thank you for requesting membership to the XYZ listserv. You have been approved and..."

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