moderated Re: Custom invitation message changes the Member Notice


I agree with Bruce and noticed the same as I was getting my group setup for launch last week.  Hopefully adding on (versus being a non-sequitur) to that point with this but I'd like to suggest some basic logic be coded in to allow situationally-specific member notices.

As an example, I realized early (after getting help on the GMF group) that you can only have one notice "active" at a time else any new member will get more than one email upon joining (assuming you have 2 or more notices and at least 2 are marked "active").  Ideally, I'd have loved to haven been able to "if/then" those notices.  I.e., a new member who'd been directly added would receive a notice starting:

"Hello and welcome!  You've been added to the XYZ listserv..."

Versus a new member approved via their request:

"Hello and thank you for requesting membership to the XYZ listserv. You have been approved and..."

Thank you,

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