Members Removed for Marking Messages as spam AUTO-Message suggested modification

Ken Schweizer

Hi Mark,


I know this topic has been beaten to death, but we had a situation that caused some very hard feelings because a member didn't read the auto unsubscribe message as was intended, but read into it what they had feared.


In our case this long-time member has been hesitant to post to the group and the auto-Unsubscribe-message coincidently went out the day after their first post. I believe the member read the auto post as saying that they were unsubscribed due to posting a message the owners thought was SPAM. In our case the member's primary language is English, thus a language barrier is not the issue. I believe the member quickly read the auto-message, read what they had "FEARED MAY" be the reaction to their post and reacted emotionally to what they "THOUGHT" was intended in the auto-message.


I don't think we can be too simplistic when telling a member that they have been removed from a group. I'd like to suggest a few small changes, including strategic CAPITALIZATION, to the message to ensure our members read it as intended.


You have been automatically removed from GROUPNAME because "YOUR" Email Service Provider reported to us that one or more messages "SENT TO YOU" from GROUPNAME has been marked as spam "BY YOU OR YOUR E-MAIL PROVIDER and NOT DUE TO ANY POST FROM YOU". We suggest that you check your spam box as soon as possible to see if "YOUR" Email Service Provider has diverted legitimate messages into it.


Thanks for your consideration,



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