moderated Re: User-friendly message rejection after attempt to post to a locked thread #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

I agree that there's very little value in including the member's message in the bounce message back when a topic is locked.   I also agree that it would be nice to have the ability to customize a group's message sent back when a topic is locked.

The above being said, I just tested out what Leeni discussed, and the following is the text that comes back at the top, before the quotation of the incoming message that's been rejected:

The response from the remote server was:

500 This topic has been locked by the moderators and can no longer be posted to.

While that text seems abundantly clear to me, it also doesn't resemble any truly generic bounce message I've ever seen.  It seems to be customized by, and I'd have to believe that the text that follows the 500 is lifted directly from a file, somewhere.  It would seem to me that if/then/else logic for, "If group has custom text then use it, else use canned text," is possible.   Again, this is conjecture, but it's an educated guess after decades as a nuts and bolts coder.


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