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Just an added side note about lock topics while you can't delete them, you also can't start a new message from an email if your email has the same subject line as the locked messages.
Example: My groups are Creative Design groups
Graphics are shared
A member starts a topic and the subject line reads Easter Eggs and that topic is auto locked after one day.
Now another member a couple days later shared Easter Eggs and names their subject Easter Eggs.
Their email would be rejected saying that the subject is locked.

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Date: 4/24/2019 12:31:45 PM
Subject: Re: [beta] User-friendly message rejection after attempt to post to a locked thread #suggestion
This also ties in, and pretty directly, with another feature request I made:  Hide Topic Function

The need to hide a topic, per se, is separate from this topic.  But the fact that one cannot delete a topic after locking it, and having it remain somehow stored by as locked, without any trace of it being visible to anyone is not.

Locked topics should not only be able to have some sort of "human comprehensible" message of the "You can't post to this topic because it's locked" nature sent out, but if one locks a topic there should be a "locked list" maintained even if the topic itself is deleted afterward.   Locked is locked, and should not be volatile based on the presence or absence via deletion of the material that triggered a topic to be locked in the first place.

While I'd like to have the capability to hide a topic for its own sake, when it comes to locked topics that I wish to have purged from the archive I'd far rather do that than hide it just so that no one can post to it again.

It strikes me as entirely feasible (and I may be wrong) to maintain a history of all locked topics for a group, even if said topic were subsequently deleted, so that "late entries" cannot revive it from the dead when replying to it.   I know individuals can create a separate topic to try to revive or extend something, but that is taken care of by the moderators making clear that it will not be tolerated and immediately locking the revival attempt.  (Then, if I had the option, deleting it if it would keep it locked, or at the very least hiding it to keep it out of the archive view).


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