moderated Re: User-friendly message rejection after attempt to post to a locked thread #suggestion

Glenn Glazer

So, I am also in the camp of making the message more human friendly. I understand HTTP status codes and so on, but only a tiny fraction of my group members do and they find the bounce message frightening, as Mark noted. 

I have two alternatives to suggest:

  1. As a slight modification to the alternative Mark describes, if a message is from member in group, send back new email with nice message, else drop on the floor. 
  2. Have an option that messages that go to locked threads go to a moderation queue and the humans can determine what is backscatter and what gets a nice message.

I realize that 1. risks backscatter, but until there is evidence of such, there is no way to evaluate that risk and it just may be a case of being too timorous.

A bonus to 2. is that each group could design its own lock message as a preference.



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