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On Sun, Apr 21, 2019 at 10:53 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
but can we not as mods see all check boxes but have them grayed out instead?
This is the crux of the discussion, and I see nothing in Bruce's former suggestion that conflicts with mine.

By default, unless a group owner chooses to mask, moderators should know what they can and cannot do, period.  If a group owner wants to hide ungranted privileges, they should have the option to do so, and have to make a conscious choice to exercise that option.

To me, even that option would have to be at the Moderator profile level, if one wanted to have certain moderators see only the permissions they've been granted versus others who might see both granted and ungranted privileges.   One could argue that it be set at the group level, but if that's the case then customizing on an individual basis for those who you want to be able to see more than whatever the defaults granted are becomes more difficult.

I am discussing what any given moderator can see about the permissions they have.   We already have a permission, mentioned by Bruce, that does control whether they can see what other Moderators have:  Set Moderator Privileges.   If that's off, you can't see what others have got, if it's on, you have, essentially, owner level access.

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