moderated Re: Moderator Permissions

Michael Pavan

I think Bruce has got these right:

1) It seems appropriate that a Moderator should be able to open his own user record and see his own Moderator Privileges. This seems to be the proposal on the table.

2) It also seems appropriate that a Moderator should be UNable to open another Moderator's user record and see that person's privileges, without himself having been given that privilege (through the existing "Set Moderator Privileges" privilege). [I hope that made sense, despite the seeming redundancy.]

3) As implied by Jeremy, there are several Moderator privileges that are established via group settings (i.e.: by simply being a Moderator), not settings in the member record.

I do not agree with Brian's proposal:
| I stand by my original assertion that all moderator powers, granted or not, should be visible to an individual moderator by default. If the group owner wants "non-granted" powers to be invisible, that could easily be made an option, and an option that should be OFF unless they choose to turn it ON when creating a moderator.

I believe to be consistent with the same rational that other than privileges which by default come with being a Moderator, that additional privileges must be added (rather than removed).
An additional privilege would be "Show un-granted privileges too"

Elsewhere, probably Wiki and/or the upcoming manual, there will be a complete list (and explanations) of all possible privileges.


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