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On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 08:27 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
CHANGE: When banning someone, we record the moment the person is banned. Previously, if the person was a member, we kept the date the person applied/joined and used that.
Hi Mark,

This situation is still weird. I originally posted here that the "date joined" in the banned list erroneously showed the date the member was banned. Somehow that got interpreted as a *request* for it to show the date the member was banned (which, from what I'd seen previously, it had already done) and is listed in the change log here. However,  whatever the case before the change, the member's "joined date" in their Membership page as accessed from the banned list now actually shows the banned date. For example, I have a member who joined 3/8/17, was banned this morning, and whose "joined" field in their member page, as accessed from the banned list, shows as 11:07 this morning. (The date in her "past member" activity log still correctly shows 3/8/17.)

Also, the member's history, notes, etc. in their record in the banned list is currently wiped out. To see the member's history, you must also "remove" them and find them in the "past members" list.

So this situation continues to be weird and somewhat beyond me. If you want, I can send you links to the member in the banned list vs. the past members list.

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