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Sarah k Alawami

I like the idea of the "lock" word being in the body of the message, makes things much easier However would the public see the word "lock: or would that be stripped but the message be left in. This would be easier for me as I also manage via the email and almost never by the web except to lock topicswhich I've only had to do maybe thrice?

Take care

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On 19 Apr 2019, at 11:10, Brian Vogel wrote:

Hello All,

           I was shocked to find that the membership can "like by e-mail" via replying with either "+1" or "like" and equally shocked to learn that there is no way to lock a topic via e-mail.

           I am going to preface this with my reasoning for the request.  Those who know me here know that most of the groups in which I participate on have as their focus blind and low-vision related technology.   I am the "odd man out" in all of those groups in that I am fully sighted as well as interacting with almost exclusively via the web interface.   Virtually all of the other members in those groups, including many owners and moderators, use the e-mail interface almost exclusively.

           Those of us who have experience trying to access either the web interface or the mobile interface via a screen reader is not exactly straightforward.  There are accessibility issues with both.

            Even if the above were not the case, those of us who've had to deal with "immense and sudden conflagrations," to impose a cooling off period (or just terminate the topic) know that speed is often very much of the essence.

            I would like the ability to lock or unlock a topic via reply by e-mail.  This privilege would, of course, only be applicable to someone with the powers to do so by other mechanisms.

            I would, ideally, like dual functionality, where a lock message to the group can also be included.  I envision this as the first line of the reply, being "Lock" (case mixture not mattering) and nothing else, including no preceding spaces.  Just the word, "Lock."

            If a message to the membership is also desired as part of the lock, that would be included starting on the line immediately following, and could be of indefinite length.  This would be added as the last message to the topic before it being locked.

Of course, if one can lock by e-mail, one should be able to unlock by e-mail when circumstances dictate, and this would be done the same way, but with "unlock" being the first line of the reply, with an optional message coming after if the owner/moderator wishes to have one.

For those who interact with their groups primarily or exclusively by e-mail, having this option would make quick locking and unlocking of topics a much easier process than it is right now.  I do not see any probability at all of an owner or moderator posting a message with either "lock" or "unlock" as a standalone word on the first line by accident were such a mechanism to be put in place and, were they to do so, whatever was done can be undone just as easily.  There is no risk of a regular member locking a topic since, even if they were to send such a message, they do not have that privilege.


Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 1809, Build 17763  

     Presenting the willfully ignorant with facts is the very definition of casting pearls before swine.

              ~ Brian Vogel

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