moderated Re: Moderator Permissions

Bruce Bowman

I generally support the proposal, but would like to share three thoughts on the matter.

1) It seems appropriate that a Moderator should be able to open his own user record and see his own Moderator Privileges. This seems to be the proposal on the table.

2) It also seems appropriate that a Moderator should be UNable to open another Moderator's user record and see that person's privileges, without himself having been given that privilege (through the existing "Set Moderator Privileges" privilege). [I hope that made sense, despite the seeming redundancy.]

3) As implied by Jeremy, there are several Moderator privileges that are established via group settings (i.e.: by simply being a Moderator), not settings in the member record.

Unless I'm missing something, it seems that even if the proposal is implemented, we will still find ourselves somewhat short of "one-stop shopping"; viz a single place where a Moderator can go to determine everything they are able to do. Nonetheless, it strikes me as a step in the right direction.


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